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In Reality

lp on Media Burn Records (MB6) UK 2/1986
k7 on Media Burn Records (???) UK 2/1986

Three new tracks plus three remixes from the Dig That Crazy Grave EP.

side one:
  • Crash Pad Chick
  • I Knew Sky
  • Name in the Bullet

    side two:
  • Brainiac
  • Vampire Bat
  • The Curse

    bonus track on cassette version:
  • Adrienne

    Review from Hot Press:

    Review from Bucketfull of Brains #16, June 1986:

    Review from Maximum Rock'N'Roll #35 by Tim Yohannan:

    GOLDEN HORDE - "In Reality" 12"

    Liner notes state: "This record will perhaps be one of the
    greatest rock'n'roll records of a generation." Hardly, but
    this is decent boppin' folkish rock. Six tunes, the hotter
    ones owing more to psychobilly than anything else. (TY)
    (Media Burn Records, 36 Hanway St., London, W1, ENGLAND)

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