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The Golden Horde Hall of Fame


Band Members over the years . . .

The early days of the band (1981-83) were marked by chaotic gigs and a fluid line-up; by 1983 a stable five piece lineup emerged which made several recordings during the Hotwire Years (1983- 1985); there was some further line up changes before the second, definitive line up of the band evolved in the Mother Years (1986-1994). Each period is discussed further below.

The Early Days (1981-83)

The legendary Hirschfield Centre gig unleashed the Golden Horde on an unsuspecting public (see here for review at the time). For their 1st gig the Golden Horde managed to cram no less than 13 people on to the stage. The occupants of the GPO in 1916 or the Free Trade Hall Manchester gig of 1976 would not hold a light compared to those who were (or claim to have been) playing at the gig. Threading the boards that night were

  • Simon Carmody - Vocals
  • Bernie Furlong - Vocals
  • Des O'Byrne - Guitar
  • Steve Ryan - Guitar (went on to The Stars of Heaven, The Revenants)
  • Donal Murray - Bass
  • Niamh McGovern - Organ
  • Simon Walker - Drums
  • Stephen Quilligan - Clarinet
  • Paul Bonner - Sax
  • Begonia Perez - Backing Vocals
  • Caroline Harvey Kelly - Backing Vocals
  • Adrienne Foley - Backing Vocals
  • Simone Stephenson - Backing Vocals

    Between then and the first definitive line up of the Hotwire Years there were many comings and goings. Simon, Donal and Des remained constant along with Bernie Furlong, but helping out at some stage or other were...

  • Justin Healy - Drums - went on to Forget Me Nots, Lir, Bungalow & Interference
  • Tim McGrath - Drums
  • Carl Stephenson - Drums
  • Charlotte Summers, Jackie Burke - Backing Vocals, Go Go girls - the Fabulous Charlottes

    The Hotwire Years (1983-85)

    By 1983 the first definitive line up had been established, and it was with this line up that the Horde recorded their 1st two mini LP's and singles. They band dabbled with the pyschobilly scene of the time and were contemporaries of the Stingrays, the Barracudas, the Prisoners, Demented are Go, etc. The recordings are dominated by the walking bass lines of Murray and the His/Hers, Q&A vocals of Carmody and Furlong who often sung alternate lines/verses and rather chaotic song endings with just about everyone getting involved!!!!!!
  • Simon Carmody - Vocals
  • Bernie Furlong - Vocals - present from the beginning, left at the end of the Hotwire years
  • Donal Murray - Bass - left at the end of the Hotwire years to be replaced by John Connors.
  • Peter O'Kennedy - Drums
  • Des O'Byrne - Guitar - formerly of the French Letters (the Letters). Also played a gig or two with his bother Sid's band Napalm Sunday

    The main song writing axis for this period was Carmody/O'Byrne

    The Mother Years (1986-94)

    Following the departure of Murray and Furlong, John Connors was recruited on bass, and Sammy Steiger joined on guitar. Gone was the walking bass lines, to be replaced with a lot more driven rock sound a la Ramones, with the second guitar really filling out the sound. The Q&A vocals were gone, though in the studio some backing singers helped out - Marie McKee, Tom Dunne (ex Something Happens and present radio DJ). This line up was responsible for all the Hordes remaining recorded output - the self titled album and 4 singles from it - all released between 1989 and 1992 on Mother Records.
  • Simon Carmody - Vocals - follwing the Horde's demise had a brief solo career with 2 single releases on Solid Records, see his solo discography
  • John Connors - Bass - Went on to New York, where his current musical project is the Messyheads
  • Peter O'Kennedy - Drums - also drummed for Johnny Thunders, Cathal Coughlan, Gavin Friday and Aidan Walsh. He was also a core member of Nine Wassies From Bainne. Involved in the arts.
  • Des O'Byrne - Guitar
  • Sammy Steiger - Guitar - after the Horde's demise went onto play with the Sultans of Ping (and still does)

    The main song writing axis for this period remained as Carmody/O'Byrne, with Steiger and Connors doing a few B sides.

  • A Who's Who of The Golden Horde Family

    Bernie Furlong
    Backing singer with the Horde from the beginning till her departure in 1987 to pursue alternate interests.

    Tim McGrath
    The 2nd drummer with the Horde - replaced Peter O'Kennedy.

    Paul Thomas
    Record Producer & Engineer ( U2, Clannad). With whom  Horde recorded an album which was never released(!) .

    Ian Wilson
    RTE radio producer (The Dave Fanning Show!) & driving force behind the creation & growth of 2FM radio in Ireland. Ian managed the Horde from 1989-1993.

    Eamonn Carr
    He of 'Horslips' and 'Zen Alligators' - Co-producer and early supportive force behind the Golden Horde.

    Charlotte Summers & Jackie Burke
    2 of the famous "Fabulous Charlotte's" (1985-86)
    - Go-Go Dancers & backing Vocalists to the Horde, who preferred to perform in a cage when they could!

    Steve Ryan
    Played guitar at the very fist gig in the Hirschfield Centre in Dublin in 1982!
    Later of "The Stars of Heaven" & ""The Revenents"

    Bill Graham
    ....author, rock journalist, inspired & inspiring mind. More here

    Mark Kennedy
    The Horde's longest serving soundman.
    Mark was also soundman for Van Morrison.

    Pat McCarthy
    Co-producer and engineer on Golden Horde, Last Bandits, REM  and Gavin Friday-Simon Carmody solo recordings...

    Caroline Harvey-Kelly
    One of the vocalists at the very fist gig in the Hirschfield Centre in Dublin in 1982 &  founding member!

    Tim Martin
    Co-producer and engineer on Golden Horde recordings...

    Ian Bryan
    Co-producer and engineer on many Golden Horde recordings.

    Donal Murray
    bass player '82-85.

    Paul MacQuillan
    Guitar player (Hope Sandoval), guitar technician & guitar obsessed! The longest serving (suffering) guitar technician with the horde & a close friend!

    Paul Aungier
    Occasional Soundman & self-masochist with the Horde!
    Also the "non-tripping" soundman for The Cramps......!

    Mad bastard & Bass player for the great "Virgin Prunes", strongman drove the Horde in the Big White Tank!

    Joe O'Sullivan
    "The Road Warrior"
    - Tormented Guitar Technician & tourbus entertainer!
    - found outside Cork somehow(?)
    After soldiering through several years with the Horde what else to do but join the US Navy!
    Click here for Joe's Backline Webpage!

    Terry O'Neill
    Publicist, master of mayhem for the Golden Horde, the Pogues, Thin Lizzy, Sinead O'Connor...

    Phil MacDonald
    Electronics expert, master bus driver & a REAL soldier!
    - Has the ability to drive in his sleep!


    Adrian Cunningham
    Occasional Soundman & all-round great guy! Now based in Nashville, USA, Adrian has worked with everyone from The Chieftains to Maria McKee & on.....

    Justin Healy
    Of 'The Glee Club' and 'Bungalow' - played drums with the Golden Horde for several shows before the arrival of second Horde drummer (proper) Tim McGrath.

    Daragh Toner
    Lighting Technician & Designer for the Golden Horde & An Emotional Fish.

    Kieran MacGoldrick
    Guitar Technician with the Horde as well as a great musician in his own right!

    Eoin Foyle
    For a short time Tour Manager for the Horde. A good friend, now owner of  several clubs, bars & restaurants in the UK & Ireland.

    Carl Stephenson
    Close friend of the Horde's who was the original drummer for a short time! A budding young film maker & artist , Karl was tragically killed by a drunken driver at the all too young age of 23.

    Simon Walker
    The first drummer at the very fist gig in the Hirschfield Centre in Dublin in 1982!

    Begonia Perez
    Backing Vocalist at the very fist gig in the Hirschfield Centre in Dublin in 1982!

    Steve Quilligen
    Clarinet Player at the very fist gig in the Hirschfield Centre in Dublin in 1982!

    Adrienne Foley
    Backing Vocalist at the very fist gig in the Hirschfield Centre in Dublin in 1982!

    Simone Stephenson
    One of the backing vocalists at the very fist gig in the Hirschfield Centre in Dublin in 1982!

    Niamh McGovern
    Keyboard Player at the very fist gig in the Hirschfield Centre in Dublin in 1982!

    Paul Bonner
    Saxophone Player at the very fist gig in the Hirschfield Centre in Dublin in 1982!

    Robert Anton Wilson
    RIP. Collaborator on first LP. More here

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